Happy customers are loyal customers.

Pure Navigation™ is the transformation of the traditional buyer-seller relationship into a partnership in which customers have a vested interest in the success of your company and become that company’s most ardent advocates.

Consumer 101

"Know who I am."

"Understand my value expectations."

"Make it easy to do business with your company."

KALPA offers a variety of tools and services to assist you in the development and management of a comprehensive customer acquisition and management process, uniquely suited to meet your marketplace challenges and business objectives. For a thorough analysis of your current Customer Relationship Management needs or to learn more about Pure Navigation™, call (248) 273-1955 or use our contact form.

Our innovative services and programs provide for a systematic, cost effective approach to customer acquisition and retention.

Business people today understand the relationship between customer loyalty and profitability. Informed management knows that customer retention correlates directly with increasing profitability. The experienced professionals at KALPA bring in-depth understanding of ways to evaluate, develop and sustain an organizational culture and corresponding systematic business processes that affirm the significance of that relationship to the bottom line.