If we can imagine it,
we can do it
Turning data into information is important. Making it accessible to the right people is powerful.

Struggling with ‘work arounds’ for your company’s needs results in low productivity, and doesn’t keep up with the market’s ever-changing business landscape.

Custom Technology Solutions

KALPA provides creative technology solutions that deliver information wherever and whenever you need it. We believe each marketplace, each business and each customer is unique. Therefore, your technology solutions must enable you to compete, one customer at a time.

KALPA's customized technology solutions respond to your changing business challenges-and the changing needs of your customers. So, as your marketplace and customer relationships evolve, and your business processes change, so will your KALPA-designed solution.

KALPA specializes in dynamic, data-driven customer facing websites and internal web-based applications to support your enterprise information management needs – Examples include:

  • Highly customized web-based lead management solutions
  • Dynamic, data-driven targeted marketing systems
  • Call Center Customer Relationship Management solutions
For an analysis of your information technology needs, call (248) 273-1955 or use our contact form.