Know her favorites,
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Dynamic Deals is a web system that creates both revenue AND customer loyalty with a targeted marketing platform from KALPA.

For Your Advertising Partners

Behavioral marketing is a primary focus in today’s internet advertising world. Generally, it is useful in targeting content by incorporating recent search history as a criterion for presenting a relevant ad or offer. With DynamicDeals® we take it one step further and focus on the searchers themselves.

By utilizing our customized proprietary database, marketers will have the unique ability to target customers based upon geographic, demographic, lifestyle information, as well as expressed interest. This results in higher click thru rates and more transactions completed for your products and services.

Furthermore, the DynamicDeals® system is a comprehensive database marketing program which enables advertisers to promote a multitude of offers simultaneously targeted to different segments of the database. This provides a unique opportunity to experiment with marketing campaigns quickly and effectively with the added benefit of accessing reports on all offers in real time.

Dynamic Deals
The system is based on interactive data collection that will identify with growing accuracy the opportunity to present relevant offers to an engaged consumer, providing them with savings and rewards on products and services that are tailored to their interests.

Dynamic Advantages for Your Company

DynamicDeals® is a comprehensive, web based targeted marketing system focused on enhancing customer loyalty and increasing effectiveness for your company. Users enjoy exclusive, relevant offers as the system builds a knowledge base of their interests and needs.

In this Intellegent Marketplace,companies can offer special deals and reach their target audience with confidence and precision. There is also a sophisticated Prize feature to promote site traffic, and create a high visibility marketing opportunity through prize sponsorship.

Taking a closer look at the core of the system, you will find a spiraling number of advantages to utizing DynamicDeals®. The infomation collected to help target offers provides a wealth of data on your customers. Mine your data for a better look at customers profiles, and gain new insights for use in everthing from your products and services, to your marketing. This system will aslo support marketing research endevors.

DynamicDeals® a win-win-win system: your customers see the content that is most relevent to them, and your business creates a new revenue stream and market strategy tool. Call KALPA to dicuss the possibilities.

For more information on putting Dynamic Deals to work on your website, call (248) 273-1955 or use our contact form.