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Our Closed-Loop Lead Management System (LMS) will help any company take advantage of every sales opportunity.

We believe that if a prospect raises their hand and expresses interest in your company, you should never let them go, even if you determine that you have “lost” them to your competition. The KALPA lead management system is designed to track, manage, distribute and report disposition on each individual prospect, through multiple internal or external channels.

KALPA Closed-Loop Lead Management
KALPA’S Closed-Loop Lead Management System provides the intelligence you need to win more customers, create more opportunities and close more sales. These brief descriptions outline our intelligent approach to lead management.

Prospect Classification
KALPA can “predict” a prospect’s likelihood to purchase by developing customer models based on historical data. Models can be used to score leads based on likelihood to purchase and timing of purchase to create a matrix that automatically triggers differentiated follow-up strategies during calls.

Lead Notification
We can inform your sales channels of leads based on each prospect’s degree of interest. The KALPA LMS will distribute leads instantaneously so that your sales channels can follow up with your hottest prospects immediately.

Lead Tracking
KALPA solicits feedback from your sales channels to let you know what has happened with the leads they received. In the database, we can assign categories to your leads, such as Sold, still considering, not interested or bought competitive product. This helps you determine how you might follow up. It can also influence your media strategy.

Lead Disposition
We also solicit feedback from your sales channels to report on disposition and status of individual leads. This establishes accountability, control and a measure of competitiveness among your various sales channels.

Lead Follow-up
KALPA views each lead as a unique selling opportunity that should not be surrendered. For example, a “warm” lead with budget issues could be targeted for re-contact when prices drop or a new product is added. A “cold” lead might be placed on your newsletter mailing list.

Competitive Analysis
KALPA uses primary marketing research to evaluate lost leads that went to competitors, continually assessing each company’s perceived value proposition. This helps in refinement of product offerings and customer communications, assuring that appropriate product attributes are emphasized with respective segments.

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