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KALPA's Marketing Research services will expand your viewpoint to encompass marketing challenges and opportunities from the perspective of your customers or prospects.

Through customized strategic research initiatives, our researchers uncover critical information to help you make more informed decisions about your products, pricing, promotion and distribution.

Marketing Research

Our researchers have performed hundreds of highly customized research studies among businesses and consumers. These studies have provided our clients with insight and recommendations on a variety of marketing issues, including: product development, pricing and advertising; customer segmentation; attitude, usage and awareness and competitive analysis.

Many of the marketing research studies KALPA conducts involve gathering and interpreting information for strategic planning and development on issues that have few precedents. These brief descriptions illustrate the breadth of our research experience and give you insight into our marketing research capabilities.

Competitive Analysis
KALPA can determine your perceived strengths and weaknesses versus those of your competitors. You'll gain new insights on how to promote and position your products and services for increased sales, too. We can also conduct studies to determine and predict the likely impact of competition on an embedded base of customers.

Segmentation Analysis
When you have a clear picture of your most valuable customers, your search for new customers gains focus. KALPA isolates and profiles specific segments of your customer base to develop models that enable management to target products and marketing communications by specific customer segments.

Corporate Image
KALPA will assist you in achieving your desired corporate positioning by revealing market perceptions about your company and your products and services.

Internet/Web Surveys
With a variety of online tools and methodologies KALPA can position you to both collect and report date 24/7 in real time. In addition, we have access to several online communities that can provide valuable insights for product development and service strategies.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
KALPA extends classic customer satisfaction research beyond tracking to include other key predictors of "loyalty" to help create genuine advocates for your company. We will separate systemic customer experience issues from individual complaints and can also support business process and technology revisions to achieve resolution for both.

Defection Analysis
Despite your best efforts, customers will defect. KALPA can conduct database analyses combined with primary market research that will uncover the underlying reasons for defection. Using longitudinal data we can construct a predictive model enabling you to take corrective action prior to notice of defection.

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