Spend less time on paperwork,
and more time with students

Many districts utilize the online registration process and administrative approval of professional development offerings customized to meet their local, state or federal requirements.

More importantly, the system serves as a vital management tool, to help administrators, principals and teachers enhance instructional techniques. Align individual professional development with building, district or state goals. From the teacher’s perspective, the PDMS provides a platform for creating and managing their own individual development plans. And by keeping the data organized in one system, year end reporting is a breeze.

Profession Development Management System for Schools
KALPA’s Professional Development Management System for Schools is acomprehensive system designed to track and manage, at the individual level, the professional development activities of teachers, staff and administrators.

KALPA custom designed this powerful tool to streamline required documentation of professional development for school systems, using a sophisticated relational database which KALPA manages as an Application Service Provider (ASP.) Use of the Internet-based system by teachers and administrators is extraordinarily simple: point, click, and type. The system supports local, state, or national requirements and provides automated electronic reporting.

KALPA’S PDMS is easy to use, affordable, and it works! Thousands of teachers, administrators and other school personnel have used it effectively since 2001.

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