Choosing my path
Pure Navigation™ is a comprehensive process including analytics, marketing research, technology systems and business processes that make the customer the key focus of your corporate culture. It is customized to your company's unique needs, beginning with a thorough analysis of the current state of your customer relationships. KALPA professionals will then identify and map key points of customer interaction with your company and evaluate objectives at each of these critical relationship junctures, resulting in a “gap analysis” of customer expectations versus service delivery. This analysis will provide a foundation to create the ideal customer experience. Achieving “Pure Navigation”, will insure that your customers evolve into active advocates for your company.
Pure Navigation
Finding the Ultimate State of Satisfaction.
The Pure Navigation™ process provides the right end result for today’s exacting consumer. A state of absolute satisfaction, utilizing targeted analysis, process revision, employee education, and continuous evolution centered in consumer wants and needs.
Consumers are actively seeking and expecting more control in the buying experience. Pure Navigation is about building an environment of trust and security for your customers where they become loyal advocatesof your brand. These advocates, using the internet, can now influence hundreds or even thousands of friends, acquaintances and family, instantaneously. This brings a whole new dimension to the concept of, “word of mouth” marketing. Conversely, customers who are disruptors, have equal opportunity to swiftly create adversity, if not harm.
Pure Navigation™ begins with a set of core customer expectations that must be satisfied before you transform a customer into an advocate. Prove through your actions that consumers can trust and rely on your company.

"Know who I am"

"Understand my value expectations"

"Make it easy to do business with your company"

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